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MODNIGHT was a night of firsts, marking my introductory foray into SPACE Gallery parties, and my first feeble humble at flash/event photography.

The night was a riot. Everyone was having a great time (except for the girl I overheard crying outside, whose ex-boyfriend had apparently spilled beer on her hair and slashed her tires. She wasn’t having a good time; he probably was, because he was clearly a jerk). I hope I was able to capture how much fun everyone was having, except for the beer-sodden ride-less gal, who I don’t think is in any of these photos anyway.

Kudos to SPACE Gallery for hosting such an great event. My fingers are crossed for this becoming a regular thing, like ’80s night at Asylum, but better.

Comment with any thoughts/ideas/suggestions/compliments(?), especially if you’ve got any tips on flash. Hope you like it.


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