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Holga 135: What I’ve Learned So Far

I got my first roll of film shot in my new Holga back from Photo Market today.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • The vignetting on the 135 is much, much less obvious than on the 120, which I kind of like. But take note: This is true of the regular ol’ 135, but NOT the 135BC. That thing has crazy vignetting, from what I’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere it was because of a filter. With the regular 135, the vignetting is natural.
  • Double exposing is awesome. Believe it or not, this is the first camera I’ve owned that’s capable of double exposure. (Shutter button independent of film advance FTW). But I need to find a place that does a better job at cutting prints than Photo Market. I know nothing about what the development process there is like, but it seems like they automated the thing; a lot of photos cut in half. It’s really upsetting.
  • Light leaks in the 135 are a lot less severe than on the 120. This is good or bad, depending on what you want, obviously.

TIPS. In case you are interested in buying at 135:

  • Shoot only in the best lighting possible. Even with high-speed film, only the bright, sunny, outdoor photos really turned out. That is unless you shoot in …
  • Bulb mode. Use it. The only good indoor photos I took were shot in bulb mode.
  • Aim high. Since this is not an SLR, the viewfinder doesn’t really give you an accurate picture of what you’re shooting. This should have been obvious, but my only other non-SLR camera is my Lomo Fisheye. If you’ve ever shot with one of those, you know you don’t use the viewfinder anyway because half your field of vision is taken up by the lens anyway.

UPDATE — Here are the photos:



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