Favorite Thing of the Day: Definr

Definr is a super fast, super ballin’ dictionary that gives you results the second you hit “enter” without loading a new page or showing you ads. And it’s cute, which is always a plus. The creator says its word source is Princeton’s open WordNet 2.0. This is immediately replacing dictionary.com, which has lately annoyed me with obscene load times and ads.

Similarly, Thsrs, the thesaurus that not only gives you synonyms, but puts emphasis on brevity. Might come in handy for writing headlines. Or tweets, for that matter. Thsrs’ creator says the word source is the Big Huge Thesaurus, “which is based on the Princeton University WordNet Database, and has the distinction of being the only thesaurus I found with an API.”

Props to 10,000 Words for showing me these sweet search engines.



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5 responses to “Favorite Thing of the Day: Definr

  1. Dylan Martin

    Have you shown this to Kegan? Specifically the screen cap in your post?

  2. Emily Lane

    Mario, thanks for posting! This is a great resource. I like the simplicity of Definr (and the respectable use of Courier New!).

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