The United States of Shame

I saw this floating around on the Twitterverse yesterday and thought I’d share. No one has more Maine state pride than me (see tattoo), but even we have something to be ashamed of. Apparently, based on SAT scores alone, us Mainers are the dumbest of the pack. It’s alright though because at least we’re not my second favorite state, Washington. (Bestiality? Really?).

The United States of Shame —

The chart was created by Jeff Wysaski from a website called Pleated Jeans that I had not previously heard of. If you click the image, you can get more info on each of the claims. Some are not as bad as others. Ohio is the nerdiest state? Sounds fine to me.


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  1. If you follow through the link, we get the “dumbest state” distinction based on our 2010 SAT avg. scores. And if you look at how our scores are averaged, we have the highest participation rate for the SATs in the country, while the states with the highest average have very low participation rates (like 3 percent).

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