Going back to school

Well, sort of.

Thanks to the assistance of a Maine Press Association fellowship, for which I am grateful, I’ll be attending a two-day Photoshop course at the Maine College of Art. The course will be taught by Bryan Bruchman, a straight-ballin’ photographer and writer who contributed to the Maine Observer during its short existence. (I’d be remiss not to mention he runs what is arguably the best blog in Portland, Hilly Town).

Photoshop has always daunted me. I count myself as one in a narrowly defined age set that is expected to have a basic understanding of Creative Suite but did not grow up with the program the same way we grew up with mp3 players, the Web and VHS/DVD players.

There is a great piece of writing out there somewhere (I found it!) that talks about the difference between “digital natives” — people, usually young, to whom technology comes naturally because they were able to absorb it naturally — and “digital immigrants,” who as you can expect are just the opposite.

Photoshop has always made me feel like a digital immigrant. The herculean capabilities of the program are proportionate to how much it intimidates me. Adobe has made someone who normally feels right at home swimming along in the paperless, digital world feel like a fish out of water. And I have not appreciated it.

So hopefully this course will help. In all likelihood, it won’t make me a native. Not in 14 short hours. But I hope to leave the workshop with a digital green card, at least.


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